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Tennessee Virtual Law Office

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What is  the Bowers Law Firm Virtual Law Office (VLO)?

The Bowers Law Firm VLO is a professional law practice which allows legal advice to be obtained online 24 hours a day through a secure portal from the convenience of our clients home or office . Our clients can communicate with their attorney, complete online forms, upload and share confidential documents, review their client file and monitor and pay invoices.

What can I do with a VLO?

  1.   Consult with a licensed attorney regarding your legal needs through a secure online interface.

  1.    Request and receive a free quote for the legal services.

  1.   Order document preparation such as Employee Handbooks, Non- Compete Agreements, Employment Contracts, Joint Custody Implementation Plans, Pre-Nuptial Agreements, etc.

  1.   Order services such as Harassment and Discrimination Training, Management Training, and FLSA Audits, etc.

  1.     Receive answers to legal questions.

  1.    Manage the direction and scope of legal services with 24/7 access to client file.

  1.      Access invoices and pay legal bills

  1.     Calendar in-person full service help as needed

How is a VLO more efficient than a traditional brick and mortar law firm?

  1.     Our VLO is accessible 24 hours a day giving our clients the ability to communicate quickly and securely at anytime and from any place where there is internet access.

  1.     Our VLO does not require the excessive overhead associated with a traditional brick and mortar law firm. We maintain a modest physical office space. The benefits of lower overhead are passed on to our clients  through lower fixed or hourly rates.

  1.     Our clients can log into their VLO account and check on the status of their case, view pleadings and other documents,  receive messages from us and review invoices and pay for their legal services online. 

  1.     Our clients often request  unbundled or limited legal services in specific areas of law for a fixed fee. However, where full-service is needed, we also offer the more traditional billable hour services.

Is a VLO secure?

Our VLO utilizes the same high-level technology used by online banking, financial and other government entities to protect client data. Documents stored by our firm are protected by this level of security and are accessible anywhere the attorney or client may access the internet.

How do I get started?

  1. 1.Click on “Register” for a free account. You will be taken to the secure interface where you will be given the terms and conditions for site use.  You will input a username and be assigned a password. You will not be billed or charged for registering.

  2. 2.After you are registered, the system will take you to your own secure homepage which allows for direct and secure communication with your attorney.

  3. 3.You will immediately be able to "ask a question".  If you have not previously been a client of the Bowers Law Firm, we ask you to keep that initial "question" a little general and avoid giving us any sensitive or potentially harmful information-until after we have conducted a check for any possible conflicts of interest that might prevent us from representing you. You will then receive a no obligation quote.

  4. 4.You will always have the ability, from within your client page, to update your client information, view documents, download them and pay invoices.


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