While the fundamentals of employment law are universal, public agency sector employers are governed by a set of laws, regulations, requirements, and practices that are unique. We have extensive experienced working with public employers and the unique set of laws specific to public employers.

We are often called upon to train and conduct seminars on all personnel topics,  including:

  1. Counsel on proper investigative and remediation procedures for harassment and discrimination claims.

  2. Development and administration of effective disciplinary procedures.

  3. Training for effective and lawful recruitment, screening, hiring, retention, and termination.

  4. Counsel and develop policies for workplace absences, requests for leave and return to work, disability and religious accommodations, and modified work assignments consistent with state and federal law.

  5. Develop and revise workplace safety issues, including drug testing and workplace violence.

  6. Advise on employer limitations relative to regulating employee appearance, lifestyle, and privacy.

  7. Develop and monitor electronic communications policies consistent with federal, state and local laws.

  8. Counsel on social networking policies and disciplinary action regarding same.

In addition to special employment laws, public employers and employees are governed by a unique set of federal, state and local laws governing public contracts, meetings, public records and ethics.  Failure to understand and comply with these laws can result in liability for the public employee, the public employer and third parties.

We are routinely called upon to assist public agencies with management and compliance with the unique set of laws governing public bodies.  We regularly provide on-site training for public employers regarding compliance. We also conduct seminars for others endeavoring to navigate the web  of  Government Law.


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